Surya systems has years of experience providing IT solutions to the aviation industry varying from regional carriers to major international carriers. Our technical capabilities comprise airlines specific Web based applications, mobile applications, testing services, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Our airlines solutions and services such as supply chain management, e-commerce testing, passenger handling, inflight catering, airport handling, and cargo handling can be tailored to suit specific needs of network, regional and low cost airlines, and are scalable in scope and performance in tune with business growth.

Our dedicated team of experts, including domain experts, UI specialists, business analysts, and technical architects are specialized in various aspects of the airline industry to address core business problems. Customer benefits include cost savings, security and performance, reduced time to market, enhanced quality of deliverables, and visibility via metrics and reports.


Surya systems Cargo Management System (CMS) framework for airlines is based on highly scalable architecture to support the growing and dynamic business needs of all stakeholders involved in the air cargo industry. The solution helps airline carriers to maximize freight lift and revenue per ton-Kilometer (RTK) on every sector flown while at the same time optimize turnaround times and aircraft utilization.

The CMS is an advanced IT solution to optimize freight flows through online reservation and electronic airway bill processing; fast consolidation of shipments; efficient loading and unloading procedures; and correct en-route tracking. It comprehensively manages every aspect of air cargo business such as sales and reservations, pricing, space inventory management, tracking, reconciliation, and discrepancy handling.


The mobile E-Crew management services from Surya systems replaces the time consuming and resource intensive information management process followed by the airlines crew with timely and effective information dissemination. Manual dissemination of data to the stakeholders takes up to 3-12 days and generates 370,000 copies of paperwork annually for the airlines industry. Collating statistics from the forms and analyzing them manually is very laborious and highly impractical. The E-Crew solution addresses challenges such as the high volume of paperwork done by cabin crew, need to scan and transfer data to backend systems, and the number of days taken for dissemination of data to the stakeholders.

eCommerce & QA Services

Surya systems provides testing services such as requirements/impact analysis, test planning, design and execution, and defect management for the airline industry. Our cost effective model for airlines identifies performance bottlenecks and reduces the defect turn-around time resulting in better performance of the applications. Types of testing such as functional testing, cross functionality testing, user acceptance testing, business process testing, and end-to-end testing increase the overall focus on quality processes and improvement. Test management involves generation of reports, configuration and release management, process, and static testing.

Surya systems test engagements for airlines passenger services include applications such as reservation and booking, inventory management, administration, DCS customer management, and flight management. Our test engagements for cargo services include flight management, station management, global network, master management, shipment management.