For banks, going digital is the way to address consumer expectations and the emerging technology shifts. Creating a superior customer experience is not an option anymore but a point of differentiation. At Surya Systems, we recognize the nature of the fundamental changes in the banking sector and provide dynamic solutions that help customers stay ahead and retain their competitive edge. We help our customers build robust applications, manage infrastructure, provide real-time analytics, tighten risk management, and improve operational efficiency. With Surya Systems as the agile and experienced partner, clients can realize greater returns on their IT investments.

Technology being the major differentiating factor for banking, we focus on solutions that help customers restructure, cut costs and compete in the global market. Our banking specific offerings include various aspects of cash management such as cash positioning, bank communication, and cash forecasting. Surya Systems helps integrate Internet banking and bill payment with ease. Surya Systems CRM solutions in banking help clients transform from a product centric to a customer centric organization. Surya Systems has a dedicated banking investment management practice with expertise to offer services to banking and finance domains.