Business intelligence focuses on measuring past performance to guide business decisions, while business analytics looks at data to understand the reasons for performance and also predict future scenarios. Today, it is no longer enough to have business intelligence capabilities alone in order to succeed in the market. Along with a view of the past, organizations need to be able to analyze the data that is available to them to predict future events or discover patterns.


Surya systems Business Intelligence and Analytics practice can support customer’s needs throughout the information management lifecycle. As a vendor-agnostic and holistic service provider with expertise in a range of tools and technologies, we can help clients make informed decisions to employ the right technologies that align with their business needs.


Surya systems Business Intelligence and Analytics practice provides innovative solutions to enterprises, helping them keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. Surya systems can build solutions that integrate easily with legacy systems and deliver smart, multi-layered, and real-time analytics for swift and practical decision-making. We leverage our experience, industry best practices and tools, and expert team of architects, consultants, and developers to provide business solutions that provide high ROI.


Surya systems BI consultancy services provide significant insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data by leveraging advanced analytics and reporting tools. Our team of BI experts helps customers choose top-class custom-made as well as ready-to-use BI tools, enhance and deploy them to gain insight into customer behavior, brand image, competition, operations, and market potential.

We help our customers understand the advantages of their BI solutions by working with them through the change management process in the deployment phase. Our specific solutions help customers benefit from advanced data analytics. Our solutions comprise business intelligence assessments, planning and roadmaps, selection of tools and technologies, prototyping, data migration and integration, design and enhancement of architecture, development of analytics dashboard and reporting automation, and support for MDM and data governance.


Deploying Cognos to SharePoint facilitates data-driven decisions Surya systems developed a single, integrated, and Web-based information management system to generate reports, dashboards, and scorecards for a leading international network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education.


There are many sources of data—both external and internal. Visualization tools empower end users to understand the information content of data better, generate mashups, and manipulate and explore data for better decision making. Capabilities of these tools include advanced filtering, guided navigation, interactive analytics, visual data exploration, ad-hoc interactive reporting, and geospatial analysis. Tools available today include QlikView, Tableau, WebFOCUS, MicroStrategy Analytics platform, SAP Business Intelligence solutions, Microsoft Power View, and Power Map.

Surya systems helps customers realize the full power of these tools and generate business value from data. Leveraging a consultative, best practices driven approach, our team will analyze the business requirements of customers and build the right data visualization solution. By pulling actionable insights from the data, we will help accelerate decision making so as to raise productivity and competitiveness.


Surya systems BI architecture solution provides organizations real-time access and complete control of their data, helping them make changes quickly and easily. This is cost effective due to reduced ETL licensing fees, design, and development expenses. It also decreases maintenance and enhances functionality. Availability of real-time data enables businesses to use information when required. After implementation, the BI solution will be self-sufficient without any dependency on IT.


Advances in digital technology helps organizations utilize interactive dashboards to review performance and trends. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Surya systems consulting and development specialists use advanced BI applications and tools to help organizations access snapshot views of departments such as sales, marketing, ERP, CRM, and finance. This helps them analyze data with ease and make decisions faster.