Many businesses have a good idea for a foundational model, and even more businesses have solid prototypes for products and even services that no one else is currently offering, but when it comes down to communicating and retaining customers and clients, the business owners fall short in experience and expertise. If you are looking for personalized enterprise solutions that will allow you to interact and satisfy your customers in a more cost-effective and efficient manner, then you should consider the customer relationship management services that we offer here at Surya Systems. The service that we offer will revolutionize the way you think about and interact with your valuable customer base.

The enterprise solutions that are offered by Surya Systems with regard to customer relationship management span the spectrum from sales force automation to demand forecasting, and all include the support of the highly qualified Surya team behind them. If you dream of running a business that is fully integrated, from front office to supply room, then the customer relationship management system that we can build you will make all those dreams true. We realize that complete integration, and in some cases automation, is the only way to operate a truly efficient business.

If you are tired of feeling like your salespeople are disconnected from your manufacturing division, and tired of searching for the same customer purchasing histories in your outdated information systems, then it’s time to think about upgrading to a Surya system that can help you to optimize pricing, automate sales calls and follow up contacts, deliver products and shipments on or before promised dates, and seamless organization of customer transactions. No matter how your business goes about filling and providing orders to its clients, Surya Systems can help you do it faster and with less overhead cost.

If you operate an internet based business, but find that you are having the same difficulties when it comes to providing superior customer service while still tracking and delivering sales in a way that can be useful for predicting future supply and demand, then Surya Systems has developed customized business solutions specifically for e-commerce enterprises. These solutions include call center management, marketing, telesales, sales force automation, and even incentive compensation and field service. These E-Customer Relationship Management tools have been quite successful at helping companies to increase their sales by allowing them to create and nurture positive customer relationships that will remain strong for years to come.