At Surya Systems, we are proud to bring you the best the market has to offer in personalized enterprise solutions. We make it our mission to provide data management and other IT solutions that will make it easier for you to run the successful business venture of your dreams. If you are interested in opening your own business in the near future, you may already be considering the purchase of a franchise. Franchises can be restaurants, shipping stores, grocery providers or auto service providers. No matter what kind of franchise business you are considering, Surya Systems has the product that will make your day to day operations easier.

Our most successful product is one of our most comprehensive customized business solutions, designed specifically for the franchisee. It is called EZFranchisee, and was created for use by franchise operators in order to better assist them with their common processes. No matter what kind of business you own, the odds are that you have to deal with ordering supplies, remitting Franchise fees, processing daily sales, comparing previous sales to predict future sales, and monitoring business growth overall. If you struggle with keeping all of these records organized and accessible, then EZFranchisee is a tool that you should strongly consider adding to your arsenal.


EZFranchisee is one of the IT solutions that we are most proud of here at Surya Systems, and we know that it will be successful for you and your business because it is built on the very prosperous model of the Dunkin Donuts franchise. At Surya Systems, it is our hope that soon every type of business will be able to use our EZFranchisee product to run all of their business processes over the internet, which will ensure greater accuracy of data and, ultimately, more profitable successes.

If you are already a successful business owner, and are not so involved with the day to day operations of your franchise location, you should know that EZFranchisee has specific feature that were designed with you in mind. As with all of our personalized enterprise solutions, EZFranchisee offers enhanced security measures, even for situations when there are multiple employees that must access the data. EZFranchisee allows four people to access the data in the system, an Administrator, the Franchisee, the Store Manager and the Store User. Specific controls will allow you to grant certain password protected accesses to each of these different people.