With the world having gone mobile and social, companies are fundamentally rethinking how they are structured and how they do business. While employees expect to connect seamlessly to corporate applications and each other in a device agnostic manner, customers expect innovative new apps and faultless, efficient services. An increasingly competitive business environment has meant that organizations need to be agile and respond quickly to these customer needs and simultaneously control the cost of operations. This translates to more pressure on QA and Testing teams to speed things up. However, with the legacy systems and their complex interplay with the new digital technologies that exist in most organizations, speeding up testing is easier said than done.

Surya Systems independent testing services can help customers improve the quality and performance of their software applications along with faster time to market and reduced cost of testing. Our end-to-end outcome-based testing process is aligned with the client’s strategic and operational goals to provide maximum value. We offer a wide range of testing services including life cycle testing, test consulting, test automation services and specialized mobile and enterprise application testing services. With our advanced test methodology and expertise in popular industry tools – both commercial and open source – we can accurately assess testing requirements and find best-fit solutions.

Other advantages include:

  • Dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) to identify and build competency in emerging frameworks specific to testing
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions that reduce cost and efforts in test engagements by using our knowledge repository, which includes a large number of reusable assets such as automation framework scripts, test suites, test strategies, domain specific test scenarios and methods
  • Testing solutions that deliver healthy return on investment (ROI), for short-term as well as long-term projects/goals
  • Experience in Risk and Contingency Management, cross-functional process/team interactions, diagnosis of failure, and Design Fault Resolution procedures
  • Adoption of Shift Left testing process to ensure early defect detection
  • Improved software quality, reliability, and predictability enabled by our test processes, knowledge management, and domain focus.


Functional testing is a business necessity for all projects, irrespective of size and duration. Organizations need to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of functional testing by focusing on accelerated and optimized testing. Surya Systems’ functional testing methodology is well structured and easily adaptable. It has been developed and refined over the course of our experience across multiple industry domains and project types. The agile methodology ensures early involvement of testing teams in the SDLC, thus reducing cycle time and adopting Shift Left Testing practice. It is also risk-based, which ensures optimal coverage and discovers defects early.


Surya Systems helps customers reduce test cycle times and accelerate their time-to-market by leveraging our custom test automation frameworks and methodologies. We study the testing needs and processes of our customers, recommend appropriate automation strategies, and execute them to enhance testing quality and reduce effort. We apply industry best practices in test automation and have in-depth expertise in both open source and industry leading commercial test tools.

What sets us apart is our dedicated Test Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) that identifies and builds competency specific to test automation. The CoE focuses on developing test automation frameworks that can be customized across projects, thereby increasing the value and reducing the cost of test automation.


Performance testing is critical to business applications since it influences business revenue, customer satisfaction, and the overall credibility of the organization. Applications often fail to meet end-user expectations when performance testing is carried out at the very end of the software development lifecycle. Surya Systems test methodology recommends performance engineering at every stage of the development lifecycle to ensure adherence to performance requirements. Surya Systems has delivered significant value in many projects by involving early and working in tandem with development teams. Our performance testing solutions not only support traditional approach of testing by engaging test agents locally but also support various cloud models and network virtualization.

What sets us apart is our dedicated Test Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) that identifies and builds competency specific to test automation. The CoE focuses on developing test automation frameworks that can be customized across projects, thereby increasing the value and reducing the cost of test automation.


Our Usability Testing services enable customers to maintain and enhance the usability of their websites while providing enhanced customer experience. We also ensure that they comply with statutory regulations and W3C guidelines.

We leverage our Usability Testing expertise to focus on:

  • Understandability – attributes of the software that bear on the users’ effort to recognize the logical concept and its applicability
  • Learnability – attributes of software that bear on the users’ effort to learn the application
  • Operability – attributes of the software that bear on the users’ effort for operations and operation control
  • Attractiveness – the capability of the software to be liked by the user
  • Memorability – when users return to the design after a period of not using it, how easily can they establish proficiency
  • Errors – how many errors do users make, how severe are these errors, and how easily can they recover from the errors.

Our Compatibility and Interoperability Testing can verify whether the application under test interacts and functions as expected with the required software and hardware combinations. This ensures that customer applications/websites can run on different platforms with multiple software and hardware components.

A common cause of software failure is a lack of its compatibility with other application software, operating systems, and environments that causes it to behave differently from the requirements. Surya Systems address this issue by ensuring that the application/product is mapped to the requirements on different industry browsers, OS, hardware, web-servers, app-servers database servers, and is certified to function as intended in the respective environment.


Mobile is one of the most important technology platforms today with mobile devices challenging the personal computer (PC) as the application platform of choice. This makes mobile testing critical for businesses to stay ahead of competition.

Surya System’s end-to-end mobile testing solutions cover functional, automation, performance, compatibility, usability and network, and field testing of mobile applications across platforms, devices and carriers. These can be customized to individual client needs. Our key differentiators include the ability to provide total mobility validation and the availability of mobility experts and test infrastructure, including a fully equipped mobile prototyping lab with native and hybrid mobile toolsets. In addition, our alliance with Experitest enables us to implement a continuous testing process using Experitest’s onsite/cloud-based architecture.