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Technology Staffing

In order to bring life to emerging technologies, we work with the very best technical talent available. Our clients turn to us for a wide array of technical positions and high caliber technology talent. We go above and beyond to source, identify, attract, and hire some of the best technology professionals in their fields of expertise. Streamlined execution, highly efficient service and exceptional talent management has made Surya Systems go above and beyond traditional staffing services. We closely partner with our clients to better understand their pain points, long-term aspirations, and achieve complete alignment with their goals.

We constantly aim to serve our clients with exceptional talent management, efficient service, and meticulous execution of every project. This helps us ensure that our partnership with all our clients goes beyond mere delivery of services until the ultimate goal is achieved.

Technology Staffing at Surya Systems requiresa holistic understanding of all organizational functions and the ability to work with our clients to find the talent they require. Let us show you how.

Why Surya Systems ?

We are chosen for reasons beyond the exceptional service we provide to our clients.

  • Customer-centric approach
  • Agility in collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Unmatched quality
  • Skilled personnel

Our Process

To assess the workforce in order to identify the need for addition or deletion.

To hire professionals best fit for the role required.

To train, align, compensate, and evaluate the hired professional.

Areas Of Expertise

IT, as a field, has evolved over the years and so has Surya Systems.

Data Science utilizing Artificial intelligence and Machine learning today aims to automate the mundane activity in everyday work. It has revolutionized various industries by introducing Electronic Virtual Assistants, tools to analyze insights of various professionals like stock traders, healthcare professionals and several others. Professionals of this stature often rely on it as it has proven itself worthy in multiple ways:

• Has proven to have a high level of accuracy in its functioning.
• Has proven its ability in converting information to knowledge in no time which has served as an added advantage for error free inferences.
• Has proven as an investment that reaps benefits for a prolonged period of time.
• Constant research in AI has always promised and delivered better services to make business in any industry a dynamic playfield.
• Every upgrade has paved the way to innovation as it puts human resources off of repetitive, mechanical work.
• Has been serving as a catalyst that ensures growth in the desired path.

Each industry and organization have specific needs that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning addresses. Let’s set up an initial discussion to see how we can help your organization.

Today, Workday® is one of the fastest growing technology solutions in the Financial, Payroll, and HR software markets. Companies across the United States are moving to Workday from legacy systems because Workday offers robust capabilities, ease of use, and the scalability to grow with their business.

Partnering with clients of all industries and sizes, we help you gain the full benefit and value of Workday®. From implementation support to migration to integrations to security, payroll and reporting, Surya Systems has the experienced and quality team members to ensure you get the most out of Workday.

Are you tempted to scale up your business? Are you looking to drive your business on the web? Digital transformation at Surya Systems addresses all your concerns about the transition phase. Resistance to change is what Surya Systems has been here to fight by ensuring a smooth transition alongside a complete transformation.

Our digital transformation practice is able to work with your team to bring your systems and digital properties up to the standard that you would expect in 2020 and beyond. More and more digital approaches are being launched every single day and Surya Systems is poised to help you.

Let us show you how digital transformation can be part of your future.

Companies of all sizes across all industries are looking for ways to implement and integrate Cloud technology. Our cloud services offering is designed to recruit the talent and skill necessary for Cloud and IT growth. We are focused on understanding your specific needs and bringing cost-effective and bleeding-edge innovation that allows businesses to stay competitive.

As the fastest growing sustainable computing architecture, Surya Systems helps our clients adopt Cloud Computing as a fundamental part of their strategy to limit IT infrastructure and management costs while optimizing the sharing of application and infrastructure resources across multiple organizations.

Cloud requires highly trained candidates who understand the industry and the necessary technologies. We place qualified candidates to fill job openings in IT positions in business environments across the nation. Cloud computing openings are some of the most demanding positions in the industry due to the evolution of the Internet and data-based business processes. However, we have a ready pool of high-caliber IT talent for hardware virtualization, service-oriented software architecture, application development, database architecture and high-capacity storage systems architecture, and enterprise system project management.

Every industry is gradually moving towards automation today. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is yet another tool that has proven to be of great significance. In addition to following the rules defined by the user, this tool also has the ability to follow machine learning capabilities. It helps in relieving organizations of the mechanical roles by ensuring space for greater development. It is a complete cycle which not only includes automation of tasks but also testing and maintenance of the system developed. RPA is often looked to for the following reasons:

• Installation of RPA would leave no room for errors even in repetitive tasks. Although repetitive, humans often tend to make mistakes due to lack of interest and innovation.
• RPA serves as a cost-effective tool as it can carry out activities of multiple individuals more efficiently.
• Installation is a hassle-free process as it is flexible to be fit into the system available in the organization
• Mundane tasks such as mass email generation, conversion of data between two media can all be catered to in much less time at much less cost by a robot.
• It is a scalable asset that requires a one-time investment to reap benefits for decades thereon.
• It serves as a great combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabling the client to reap the best of both worlds.

There’s no sense of contentment like the one you feel when you’ve earned a customer. It takes time and a great amount of effort to accomplish one. Once that milestone has been achieved, they become an asset to the company, thereby increasing our accountability. This gave birth to a revolutionary tool called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This tool is often looked to for multiple reasons:

• From leads to prospects to the various stages of client acquisition to new customer, the CRM is the home of all client facing activities
• To locate, acknowledge and revert to all the requests of the existing customers.
• To guide the organization in the right direction thereby affirming the clients of their choice.
• To ensure timely action for every query raised.
• Customer retention

Whether you currently have an enterprise resource planning system in place currently, or you’re completely new to these types of systems and are looking for assistance with everything from research to support, Surya Systems has the team and the expertise to meet your needs. Our enterprise resource planning offering set includes everything from product selection through comprehensive implementation, in addition to quality education and support of your IT team once the implementation is completed. With the help of rapid implementation toolkits like Oracle’s AIM™ or SAP’s Accelerated SAP™, the Surya team can always ensure a fast, efficient, and very successful completion to your project, no matter the size.

Business intelligence focuses on measuring past performance to guide business decisions, while business analytics looks at data to understand the reasons for performance and predict future scenarios. Today, it is no longer enough to have business intelligence capabilities alone in order to succeed in the market. Along with a view of the past, organizations need to be able to analyze the data that is available to them to predict future events or discover patterns.

Surya Systems’ Business Intelligence and Analytics practice can support customer’s needs throughout the information management lifecycle. As a vendor-agnostic and holistic service provider with expertise in a range of tools and technologies, we can help clients make informed decisions to employ the right technologies that align with their business needs.

Surya Systems’ Business Intelligence and Analytics practice provides innovative solutions to enterprises, helping them keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. Surya Systems can build solutions that integrate easily with legacy systems and deliver smart, multi-layered, and real-time analytics for swift and practical decision-making. We leverage our experience, industry best practices and tools, and expert team of architects, consultants, and developers to provide business solutions that provide high ROI.

An increasingly competitive business environment means that organizations need to be agile and respond quickly to customer needs while simultaneously controlling the cost of operations. This translates to more pressure on QA and Testing teams to speed things up. However, with the legacy systems and their complex interplay with the new digital technologies that exist in most organizations, speeding up testing is easier said than done.

Surya Systems independent testing services can help customers improve the quality and performance of their software applications along with faster time to market and reduced cost of testing. Our end-to-end outcome-based testing process is aligned with the client’s strategic and operational goals to provide maximum value. We offer a wide range of testing services including life cycle testing, test consulting, test automation services and specialized mobile and enterprise application testing services.

Other advantages include:
• Dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) to identify and build competency in emerging frameworks specific to testing
• Ready-to-deploy solutions that reduce cost and efforts in test engagements by using our knowledge repository, which includes a large number of reusable assets such as automation framework scripts, test suites, test strategies, domain specific test scenarios and methods
• Testing solutions that deliver healthy return on investment (ROI), for short-term as well as long-term projects/goals
• Experience in Risk and Contingency Management, cross-functional process/team interactions, diagnosis of failure, and Design Fault Resolution procedures
• Adoption of Shift Left testing process to ensure early defect detection
• Improved software quality, reliability, and predictability enabled by our test processes, knowledge management, and domain focus

Mobile is an opportunity to transform how businesses interact with customers, employees, and partners. As a communication tool that connects organizations with their audience around the clock, it is a unique platform to build intimacy. Surya Systems focuses on developing exceptional mobile solutions that provide rich user experience. We have deep expertise in building, testing, and deploying mobile apps that run smoothly on a wide variety of devices and platforms.

Surya Systems has expertise in developing high quality native mobile applications for all major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. We streamline mobile application development for different mobile devices using mobile Clouds and tools. Surya Systems has experience with hybrid development platforms like Icenium, Appcelerator and Xamarin. We develop mobile Web applications with the latest technologies such as Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Our expertise includes:
• Scalable REST service stacks leveraging Azure/EC2
• Adaptive rendering service stacks on Java/.NET/RoR
• PHP4 mobile
• Responsive frameworks leveraging HTML5/CSS
• Touch optimized Java script frameworks for mobile – JQuery Mobile/Kendo mobile UI/Sencha Touch/JQTouch
• Adobe AIR, Action scrip/Java script

how can we help you?

Contact@Suryasys to submit a business inquiry online.

I highly recommend working with Surya Systems, and I don’t hesitate to recommend this outstanding organization to others. I had an incredibly positive experience with Surya Systems, and I know others will too.

Roger Boles

Industries Of Focus


The airline industry has continued to evolve and as they move into the decade, they require technology partners that assist them with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, biometrics, general development and more. Surya Systems is highly regarded in the industry solving many of the airline industry’s technology challenges.


Banking and the Financial Services industry needs to always be focused on providing the technology and tools their clients require, but they also must be cognizant of the regulated environment. Surya Systems has the knowledge, experience, and personnel to solve these challenges.

Energy & Utilities

We support Energy & Utilities clients with real-time analytics to take control of grid data and implementation of enterprise applications. Surya Systems’ solutions enable utilities to modernize their technology assets to support new business models while reducing cost.

Health Care

Surya Systems assists healthcare organizations with transforming processes and reducing costs, while complying with regulations. We support healthcare organizations in delivering superior evidence-based and patient-centric healthcare. Surya Systems enhances the clinical and administrative systems of clients to deliver more connected and integrated healthcare solutions.


Surya Systems has developed deep expertise helping our clients by providing services and solutions across a wide spectrum, ranging from information analytics and business intelligence to supply chain management and digital media services. With a dedicated service group focused on the Manufacturing sector, we are well positioned to support you in your needs and challenges.


The telecommunication industry has been successful in bringing the world closer and Surya Systems has played a key role in this since 2002. Surya Systems is working with key public, private and global clients to deliver major telecommunication infrastructure projects and solutions to meet this challenge.


For banks and insurers, going digital is the way to address consumer expectations and the emerging technology shifts. Creating a superior customer experience is not an option anymore, but a point of differentiation. At Surya Systems, we recognize the nature of the fundamental changes in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector and provide our clients robust applications, manage infrastructure, provide real-time analytics, tighten risk management, and improve operational efficiency.

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