Surya Systems believes that training the right person, for the right job, at the right time can boost the productivity of the company multifold. Along with finding you the right person, we also ensure thorough training and development of the professional. We serve, on a platter, a wide variety of training methods such as conventional classroom training, instructor-led live online training, and self-paced online training programs, thus, moving beyond traditional ideas of learning. We aim to equip every professional under our umbrella with emerging technologies and tools to achieve maximum efficiency, thus, high productivity.

Surya Systems has been providing multiple services to a diversified group of customers. We have been accorded as a premium destination for training and development services. Our robust approach to ensure adaptation of every personnel to the constantly changing atmosphere has always been held in high regard. Designing a customer-centric model by incorporating the latest trends to groom employees into highly competent professionals has remained our sole objective since inception.

Surya Systems offers customized services which could be a combination of the services mentioned above. Our certifications are recognized globally thereby giving professionals groomed by us an edge over employees of similar stature across the globe. The services are of unmatched standards thereby reflecting in the performance of professionals trained by us.

Why Choose Surya Systems ?

Training and development services at Surya Systems are catered to in multiple ways:

  • Conventional classroom training
  • Instructor-led live online training
  • Self-paced online training programs


Today, Workday® is one of the fastest growing technology solutions in the Financial, Payroll, and HR software markets. Companies across the United States are moving to Workday from legacy systems because Workday offers robust capabilities, ease of use, and the scalability to grow with their business.

Partnering with clients of all industries and sizes, we help you gain the full benefit and value of Workday®. From implementation support to migration to integrations to security, payroll and reporting, Surya Systems has the experienced and quality team members to ensure you get the most out of Workday.

Data Science

The demand for data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning is growing at an amazing rate. As data science moves to business of all sizes from being strictly for large enterprise companies, the need for training has never been more evident.

Our data science training is designed to bring increased aptitudes to your team as well as provide upskilling of your current and future staff. As data science continues to expand its presence it is time to ensure that your teams are prepared to utilize it.Artificial intelligence and Machine learning today aims to automate the mundane activity in everyday work. It has revolutionized various industries by introducing Electronic Virtual Assistants, tools to analyze insights of various professionals like stock traders, healthcare professionals and several others.

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