The accessibility and broad reach of the Internet have forever changed customers’ expectations regarding support and response. Customers expect accurate, prompt and 24/7 service.

Our Web/e-Business Services Framework (WSF) delivers a robust, secure, scalable, reliable, manageable, and available electronic foundation/market-place. This includes Web/Database/Application servers, software and middleware, and expert consulting services. Our WSF is based on open standards like Unix, Corba, HTTP and XML and also supports technologies like ASP/JSP, COM/DCOM, and .NET and includes the client, application server, data and infrastructure standards that make it possible for a client to access data and services anywhere in the network. Our Methodology simplifies rapid application deployment.

Corporations have invested heavily in enterprise architectures & technologies by developing customized applications. Our goal is also to help our customers leverage such investment to electronically reach their customers and vendors and provide complete work-flow integration of the entire supply/value chain, from vendors to enterprise to customers via the web. Such a solution can help corporations move towards a paperless environment and also increase their revenue opportunities through e-Commerce.

A snapshot of our Web/e-business Services Framework includes:

E-Business Strategy Evaluation:

Each Company has its long term and short-term strategies. We identify the technology needs for e-Business based on a company’s long term and short-term strategies. By simulating them, we establish how best these technologies support your business goals, seamlessly integrate your organization, and align with your corporate strategies.

E-Business Requirements Analysis:

We strongly believe that the starting point of any solution is requirement analysis. We have gained rich experience in collecting, analyzing and converting the requirements from the end-user’s perspective. An iterative and participative approach is followed at this level.

Each company has unique business process. This Business Process is evaluated for customizing our Product offerings to suite client requirements. This evaluation is used at the time of developing exclusive solution to the client.

E-Business Intelligence:

Ad hoc reporting for Managerial Decision Making is no longer acceptable in organizations today. Decision Support Systems are leading the wave of Corporate Information Requirement Trends. Our Solutions are developed keeping in view information requirements of corporate users.

Our team provides additional support for Industry Verticals.It also offers Business Intelligence enabled solutions. These are taken care at the time of developing the solutions for the Client. We incorporate these solutions at the behest of the client independently as an additional assignment.

The Business Intelligence Suite has the following components:

  • Data Ware Housing (link to Data Ware housing approach)
  • Data Mining and (link to Data Mining Approach)
  • Knowledge Management

E-Business Security:

Our exposure to different security needs of varied clients identifies potential security threats. With its dedicated and real-time problem driven focus, we can assist any organization for the specific security needs it may have.

We believe strongly that all the transactions should be secured. It is inevitable that the security should be integrated in day-to-day operations. It integrates security in to solutions developed or products offered.

Following are the common security features delivered with solutions:
a. Page Level Security
b. Transaction Level Security
c. Payment Processing Security and
d. User specific security based on the workflow
e. Administrator Specific Security

Cost-benefit Analysis based on incremental inflows:

When a new venue is found for investment, the first step is analysis of Cost to Benefit ratio. Over the years, we have gained expertise in assessing project viability. e-Business projects are evaluated based on our models that would assist a Client in identifying ‘ RNI ‘ (Return on Net Investment) and ‘ NIB ‘ (Net Investment Break-even). The RNI, NIB, IRR are compared against the industry standards and benchmarked against similar companies that are in the similar e-business line.

IT Infrastructure Assessment for e-Business:

We also assess IT capabilities against current and future business requirements, resulting in a variety of technology infrastructure recommendations. These recommendations are based on factors depending on:

  • Your existing systems vis-à-vis your current business requirements
  • Consolidation of distributed information